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Industry 4.0

Technologies transforming business & rediscovering growth


Industry 4.0 is an approach to integrate IT and OT using Infrastructure related technologies and Application Software Components along with Emerging Technologies. This is required to make IT & OT in a Manufacturing Organization, a part of one seamless comprehensive framework4 spread across the entire value chain in the Industry (full-fledged Industry 4.0.)

Our Industry 4.0 practice is an endeavour to ameliorate the major challenges and problems faced by manufacturing industries. We do this by making use of our existing proficiencies across various aspects of IT System Integration and software development/customization. This is amply augmented by the products and solutions from our strong ecosystem of partners.

With an objective to help the industries overcoming major problems, we are offering the following set of solutions and services:

Factory Networking

Factory Networking is the best way to build a common, converged & rugged plant-to business network. The major components are:

Cisco® Industrial Network Director (IND), which helps operation teams gain full visibility of network and automation devices for improved system availability and performance using integrated Topology map.

It supports industrial automation protocols such as CIP, PROFINET, OPC-UA, Modbus, BACnet, etc. to discover automation devices such as PLC, IO, HMI, and Drives.

The simple user experience streamlines network monitoring and delivers rapid troubleshooting of common network problems found in industrial environments.

OT intent-driven security workflows with Cisco ISE, and anomaly detection with Cisco StealthWatch integration.

Power Consumption Monitoring & Management

  • Auto-Monitor consumption of power by each machine and highlight any unusual patterns.
  • Dashboard with energy sensors display on the floorplan
  • Real-time data on 3 Phase/1 Phase
  • Historical energy consumption comparisons
  • Power level legends with different colours
  • Alerts on power KW exceeding or dropping below threshold on any machine
  • Energy cost on an hourly basis

'All-on-My’ Screen Dashboard

The ‘All-on-My’ Screen is a unified dashboard that enables easy monitoring & risk management of the machines/equipment through devices & sensors. Equipped with the latest technologies, the sensors on the machines track all the data from the machine and send it on the cloud to your screen. The dashboard offers:

  • All info “I” need on My Screen
  • Drill down facility
  • Real-time or near real-time info
  • Span of Control based need for Info type | Granularity
  • Multiple Channel Alerts
  • Situation-specific Display Media
  • All data stored in Database
  • Data Analysis and Analytics
  • Ticketing and Collab. Solution integration

Industry 4.0 Strategy Formulation Consulting Support

IT & OT integration is an essential part of Industry 4.0 solution, although it goes way beyond to embody a “Model-Based” approach to all aspects of the manufacturing enterprise, whether it is designing, planning, engineering, manufacturing or any other enterprise activity. More importantly, the approach also guides the organization on how to manage the touchpoints across these functions as well as the information exchange at these touchpoints.

We can help you in mapping where exactly does your organization stand in terms of these parameters, leading to a numerical assessment of your Model-Based Enterprise Score.

  • We can participate with you to define your Industry 4.0 objectives, target score, and target dates therefor.
  • We can also work with you in making a date wise plan of action for achieving those objectives, defining the action to be taken across the relevant manufacturing and enterprise functions.
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